Star Wars: Supremacy (Lucas Arts) PC CD-Rom
If new titles were fuel, Lucas Arts would be able to go to the moon and back. Only a very few weeks ago we were enjoying Mysteries of Sith, and now Star Wars: Supremacy has been let loose.

This is possibly the most unusual game of all the Star Wars family. Your task is to conquer the entire universe, but you are not given a "hands- on" role. Instead, you must send your governors and troops on crucial democratic or military missions. Sounds simple, eh? Well, don't go making your cuppa yet. To be a truly great leader, you not only have to win the universe, you also have to defend it. This is a game for the strategist, so for those who enjoy blowing everything to kingdom come, this isn't for you.

If you don't have a PII-333 PC with a graphics accelerator, don't fret. Graphics are definitely not a problem in Supremacy. The basis of the game is a lot of statistics and simple screenshots.

There are two main game choices: play as the Alliance, or as the Rebels. Once you have chosen who you want to be, you have to explore the universe, and increase your side's popular support in the various galaxies in order to dominate the opposition. To help you, there are robots who can provide information and advice on any difficulties you may find in playing.

There is just one key requirement for this game... patience. Good things come to those who wait.

Though Supremacy definitely takes a lot of getting into, it's a very innovative idea which does capture the imagination.

On release, pounds 39.99 David Gordon