Personal Finance: Bargain Basement

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BANK OF Ireland Mortgages is launching a new mortgage for the self-employed, where borrowers need only place down a 15 per cent deposit. The loans requires only a letter from an accountant stating the UK taxable income and is available on multiples of 3.25 times joint income, or 3.75 times the higher income and once the lower income. Call 0800 109010.

YORKSHIRE BANK has improved rates. The increase includes the Premium Plus account, now paying 7.2 per cent gross on deposits over pounds 150,000 and Yorkshire's Tessa, which offers 7.1 per cent on savings above pounds 4,500 and 7.5 per cent above pounds 9,000. Details from branches.

DERBYSHIRE BUILDING Socoeity is launching a one-year Peak Bond, paying 7.3 per cent gross on deposits between pounds 5,000 and pounds 24,999. The rate climbs to 7.5 per cent gross on balances above pounds 25,000. Call 01332 844497.

NATIONAL COUNTIES Building Society is offering a two-year mortgage with a 2 per cent discount on its current standard variable rate of 8.69 per cent. The maximum advance is 80 per cent of the value of a property.

The society is also offering a two-year loan with a 1.7 per cent discount on the variable rate for remortages, with no processing or legal fees. Call 01372 744155.