Personal Finance: Loose change

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Henderson Investors is offering a discount of 2 per cent on lump- sum investments into its Global Technology Fund, a unit trust which invests in both computer and medical technology. Minimum investment is pounds 1,000. Call 0800 212256.

Axa Sun Life is launching an ethical investment unit trust. The company says its product not only will operate on the basis of strict ethical criteria, its risk profile will also be lower than usual for such investments.

Until 22 May, investors will be offered a discount of 2 per cent on the initial charge or an extra 1 per cent extra allocation on the investment in the fund. Call 0171 6067788.

TSB is launching a new issue of its six-year Guaranteed Stockmarket Bond, with growth linked to the FTSE 100 share index. The bond offers a cash-back guarantee should share prices fall. Gains paid out will come from the average of the FTSE 100 in the final 12 months of the bond's life. Exposure of invested capital to growth is 94 per cent, with the maximum increase payable limited to 80 per cent. Call 0500 758444.

Citibank International is relaxing the criteria for customers wishing to open an account to anyone with a household income of pounds 30,000, provided they pay their salaries into their account. The scheme is designed to attract couples. Call Alyson West on 0171-500 3225.

The GM credit card, from Vauxhall, is offering its cardholders an extra 500 bonus points - equivalent to pounds 500 - if they buy a Vauxhall car with their existing rebate points up to 30 September 1998. Cardholder redemption maximums of 2,500 points still apply.

Premier Portfolio Managers is launching a UK Smaller Companies fund, targeting companies with a market capitalisation of pounds 50m to pounds 450m. Up to 20 per cent of the fund may also be invested in companies not matching those criteria, including AIM-listed firms. Premier is offering a 1 per cent discount off its usual 5.5 per cent initial charge until 1 June. Call 0800 212577.

Legal & General is launching a new Mortgage Protection Plan, an accident sickness and unemployment policy which combines 30-day triggers when redundancy strikes with longer deferment options for sickness benefits. An existing borrower who is seeking disability cover to apply after 180 days and unemployment cover after 30 days, would be pounds 5.75 a month for every pounds 100 of cover sought. Call 01737 5286259.