If you're a regular Independent Network reader, you may well be a keen Internet surfer. Today, BT and Network are giving you the chance to try a different kind of surfing - on the Pacific Ocean - in the Californian sunshine.

All you have to do is get on your Internet surfboard and tell us which commercial site on the World Wide Web you find communicates business information in the most user-friendly and eye-catching way.

The 10 most innovative and commercially effective sites, which will be selected by BT and The Independent, will be showcased at BT's stand at the Windows 97 exhibition, London Olympia, 25-28 February.

As well as being given the chance to visit some of the Web's most innovative sites, show visitors will also be able to experience the widest portfolio of Internet products and services from BT. Ranging from dial-up access to the World Wide Web to Web hosting; corporate Intranet services plus online information and ISDN booking services.

We will send a free Windows 97 pass to everyone who sends us a nomination. If you are lucky enough to have nominated one of the 10 finalists, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw for a holiday in the Californian sun. Just follow the instructions below.

How To Enter:

Simply fill in the coupon below and send it to: Windows 97 Best Web Site Competition, c/o Band & Brown Communications, 18 Compton Terrace, London N1 2UN

or e-mail the details to: Cheryl@bbpr.com, or visit the BT WebWorld Web site on http://www.btwebworld.com/surfing