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Cardiff is a fitting location for an exhibition of photographs by HG Ponting tracing Scott's fateful last expedition to the Antarctic. It was, after all, the Welsh city which supported the project, encouraged by Lt "Teddy" Evans who became Scott's second-in-command. As Captain Scott himself said: "Cardiff led the way in helping us... we could not have faced the strain of preparation except for the support received from South Wales."

Herbert Ponting's arresting collection of black-and-white photographs (including Ice Cave, right), represent an extraordinary record of the Terra Nova expedition, which set sail in 1910. His descriptions are similarly evocative: "A fringe of long icicles hung at the entrace of the grotto and passing under these I was in the most wonderful place imaginable. From outside, the interior appeared quite white and colourless, but once inside it was a wonderful symphony of green and blue. I secured none more beautiful [photographs] the entire time I was in the South."

Born in Salisbury in 1870, Ponting was a pioneer in the use of photography as an art form. By 1909 he had established a world-wide reputation and was appointed "camera artist" to the project, becoming the first professional photographer to visit the Antarctic. If you want a lasting impression of the Cardiff display, Discovery Limited Editions are, for the first time, printing 20 of Ponting's most famous photos in a limited edition of 400 of each.

Norwegian Church, Cardiff (01222 454899) to 30 Sept; Discovery Limited Editions (0181-543 4236)