Barbara Dickson

Liverpool Playhouse, 0151 709 8363

Who better to bring us the soundtrack to a woman's life? has done it all. By the time she starred in Chess and Blood Brothers in the mid-eighties, she had notched up millions of record sales.

With the wisdom that a career of 25 years has provided her, Dickson has collaborated with director Chris Bond to dramatize the stages of a woman's life in song, from the adolescent angst and teen romance of Lennon and McCartney's "She's leaving home" to the ruminative musings of Kurt Weill's and Maxwell Anderson's "September Song".

Dickson herself is keen that the audience respond to the acted vignettes she spins around each tune: "This is a production with real songs, songs with some action, songs that really mean something." No doubt, Dickson's hectic dash through the seven ages of woman in one evening will also be good value: "There'll be a lot of hats and shoes flying around!" Mike Higgins