Pop music: Lyric sheets

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lyric sheets

by martin newell

Carl Wilson of The Beach Boys has died. He was the group's lead guitarist and one of the vocalists.

A Beach Boy In Putney

So having waxed my board down

In Clapham as a rule

I surfed up Putney High Street

En route to Elliot School

Then speeding from assembly

Still dripping with defiance

`No Surfing On The Stairway'

I crashed. In double science.

Meanwhile, in California

A state of mind I had

In sand box, at piano

And quietly going mad

Sat Brian Wilson piecing

Together one by one

Like broken bits of jigsaw

His soundtrack for the sun

With Theremin and wind chimes

And harmonies in place

He gave it to his brothers

Who launched it into space

As slightly west of Wandsworth

The summer out of reach

I languished in the classroom

A long way from the beach

Where Rhonda couldn't help me

With rain the only sound

Outside in Pullman Gardens

I didn't get around.