The Lighthouse Family, City Hall, Sheffield

Pop phenomena just don't come any more ... well, discreet than the Lighthouse Family. The first a lot of people would have heard of Paul Tucker and Tunde Baiyewu was slumped in front of a television commercial. Instead of the usual pap with which car advertisers try to pep up the image of their bland jelly-mould products, "Lifted" was a tune so politely catchy that it practically wiped its feet on its way into your head.

Despite having a title not unlike something you might get free with twenty quid's worth of petrol, the Lighthouse Family's 1995 debut album, Ocean Drive, went on to demonstrate that sure hands were at the helm of its deft brand of crisp, dance-inflected soul. Indeed, over the past two years the Family have insinuated themselves into the CD collections of twentysomethings the country over, notching up 1.5 million UK sales in the process.

Buoyed up by these impressive figures and several nominations at this year's Brits, the former Newcastle University students look to have refined their precise sonic formula further with the release of their second album, Postcards from Heaven. Again, the saccharine moniker is misleading - scratch the pristine surface of their production and you will find a disposition that shows the Lighthouse Family burn a little darker than you think.

City Hall, Sheffield, 7.30pm, pounds 15, (0114 278 9789), then touring.