Portraits of an artist

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An exhibition capturing the glamour of Thirties' fashion is running at Orleans House Gallery, Twickenham until 2 October. It includes 60 drawings by Eric Fraser, writes Lesley Gerard.

When Harpers Bazaar launched in 1929 it prided itself on employing the best artists. Fraser, whose trademark was precision, was one of the first recruits, specialising in London fashion shows and illustrations for short stories and articles.

But by the mid-1930s the era of the fashion illustrator was coming to an end as technology and photography advanced.

Fraser turned his talents elsewhere. For nearly 60 years he worked for Radio Times. He was adept at Coronation route maps, establishing characters from Greek vases and fearless crews for Journey into Space.

Fraser, who produced most of his work at speed to meet tight deadlines, was also responsible for the gas industry's logo, Mr Therm. He died in 1983.

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