Not surprisingly, it's the Science Museum which boasts the most impressive list of events for National Science Week. Visitors are invited to help build the world's largest diamond molecule structure, hear how the brain reacts to being in a spacecraft, and see Dolly the sheep's first fleece knitted into a jumper. Woolly for them. Elsewhere in the capital, The Horniman Museum is putting on Bottle Busters, a play exploring the recycling of glass, and there are also workshops to discover how Native Americans recycle their leather. Meanwhile, The Royal Institution is staging two special events: "The Doomed Space Station" (17 March at 7pm) promises a public debate which envisages four famous scientists, all Nobel prize- winners, trapped in an imaginary space station with oxygen running out, while 19 March sees a lunchtime lecture, "Energy, The Environment and You" by Professor Ian Fells of the University of Newcastle.

Science Museum (0171-938 8000); Horniman Museum (0181-699 1872); Royal Institution (0171-409 2992)