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PICTURE QUESTION: Who claimed to have worn dark glasses to hide his "lying eyes"?

1. How did Ron Johnson save a complete stranger's life?

2. Which "mentally unbalanced" military commander was held up as an ideal office manager?

3.Which piece of religious furniture is now available in a luxury model costing pounds 4,000?

4. How did the Tories claim the size of Michael Ashcroft's donation to the party was discovered?

5. Who are to star as Randall and Hopkirk in the remake of the TV detective series?

6. What has been proved, contrary to traditional thinking, to improve sports performance if taken shortly before an event?

7. How did Denzil Xavier leave Lisa Lovebucket standing?

8. What was commemorated in an exhibition featuring a man-fish hybrid and a "speak-your-tits" machine?

9. Which nation is at the top of an EU league table of illicit drug consumption?

10. What was wrong with the News of the World's report that Liverpool FC were trying to sign Didier Baptiste from AS Monaco for pounds 3.5m?


PICTURE QUESTION: General Pinochet in his autobiography. 1. By donating part of his lung to Israeli Lisa Ostrovsky after reading of her plight in a newspaper. 2. General Patton, in Alan Axelrod's book, Patton on Leadership - described as unbalanced by his boss Eisenhower. 3. A confessional box upholstered black leather seats and air conditioning. 4. Party officials claimed its bank's computer was hacked into. 5. Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. 6. Sex. 7. When Michael Portillo won the Kensington and Chelsea by-election against the opposition of the People's Dream Net Party. 8. The 20th anniversary of Viz comic. 9. Britain. 10. The player exists only in the imaginations of the TV series Dream Team's scriptwriters.