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PICTURE QUESTION: Who reckoned warm beer had gone flat?

1.Which world record has Geoff Smith broken over the last five months without even having to stand up?

2. What are the Beekeeper, the Berry Picker and the Fairy at the bottom of the Garden, and who created them?

3. According to a poll, what was the most over-used buzz phrase of 1998?

4. Nasa launched the Argos satellite to monitor what form of pollution?

5. For whom were malaria pills, tranquillisers and pot a lethal combination?

6. Who is writing verses for the rock band U2?

7. Why might saying cheese improve your smile?

8. How much does Ron Perelman (worth an estimated pounds 3.75bn) spend per day on feeding his four-year-old daughter?

9. Whom did Italian historians brand a war criminal?

10. How was burglar John Parsons finally trapped?

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