Picture question: While these malevolent marsupials were sparring in Munich Zo last week, in what sporting contest in England did 6,969 fail to defeat 5,538?

1. Which heptagon passed away last night?

2. How did Sam Barriscale meet his unfortunate end?

3. What made Haitians hide behind locked doors, while pregnant Venezuelans averted their gaze?

4. Whose elevation suffered an unfortunate reversal by the Lord Chamberlain?

5. What was Mrs William Hague accused of doing last week that Mrs Neil Kinnock did last year?

6. How have males in Antarctica been getting their rocks off?

7. Which political leader, who has been in charge of his country since 1959, was re-elected for another five-year term as president?

8. What is the nominal connection between President Clinton and a cloned calf?

9. What's the difference between Blair and Blur?

10. Which half-century has been dedicated to charity?

11. a) Why is Nathalie Thomas entitled to brag about going 415 yards in 58.5 seconds?

12. In what way might you be ecstatic if you couldn't remember the answers to any of the above?

ANSWERS TO QUIZ OF THE WEEK Picture question: The vote to admit women to the MCC failed to reach a majority. 1. The old 50p piece ceased to be legal tender. 2. His character in The Archers was crushed to death under a tractor. 3. A total eclipse of the sun. Some Hawaiians feared it would turn them blind, and in Venezuela a pregnant woman looking at it is said to run the risk of having a child born with spots. 4. Sir Elton John was introduced by Lord Camoys as "Sir John Elton" at his investiture. 5. Owning a car with an out-of-date tax disc. 6. Female penguins there sell sexual favours in exchange for rocks for building. 7. Fidel Castro. 8. The world's first cloned calf was named "Jefferson" last week, which is Clinton's middle name. 9. Damon Alburn of Blur has attacked the Govern ment's proposal for student fees. 10. The Oxfam shop in Oxford was 50 years old. 11a. She won the pancake race in Olney, winning back "bragging rights" from a parallel event in Kansas. 11b. It's a new world record for a rowing machine. 12. Research has s hown that long-term users of the drug Ecstasy may suffer from poor memories.