Picture question: Whose longjohns have been reunited with the underwear of his alleged lover at a cost of $3,450?

1. How did 20 rise by 21?

2. Which former Cat returned after 20 years with a roar?

3. ...and which cat was sacked for being "unprofessional" when it pawed a female?

4. How was a 75-year-old cowboy posthumously responsible for a relaxation of European legislation?

5. What will Terence Shimmin be doing for the next 195 years?

6. Which journey into space is a snip at $50?

7. Who ascended into the heavens and pronounced it "a most enjoyable and exhilarating experience"?

8. What is being flushed out of our schools at a cost of pounds 35m?

9. How did the Prime Minister and the Cook have a row and end up with no dinner?

10. What do the voices of Maria Callas, Kiri Te Kanawa and Elvis Presley have in common, and why may we soon be hearing a lot more of them?


Picture: John F Kennedy's undergarment was sold at auction for that price to a man who already owns Marilyn Monroe's slip and panties. 1. The Budget put the price of 20 cigarettes up by 21p. 2. Yusuf Islam, formerly singer Cat Stevens, who released his first album for 20 years, I have no cannons that roar, in aid of Bosnian charities. 3. Hercules the Lion (Gavin Lucas in a lion suit), sacked as mascot of Aston Villa FC after grappling with Miss Aston Villa.4. Harold Wheelson was cremated in his cowboy outfit at Bramcote, Notts, after a successful appeal against a ruling that burning his boots was an offence against EU clean air law. 5. Paying back pounds 76,000 in fraudulent benefits at pounds 7.50 a week. 6. An American project, Encounter 2001, plans to let people have a few hair snippings sent beyond the solar system for that price. 7. The Archbishop of Canterbury flew in a Harrier jump jet. 8. That sum is to be spent on upgrading outside lavatories in schools. 9. Benyamin Netanyahu cancelled dinner with Robin Cook over the Foreign Secretary's plans for visiting Israeli settlements. 10. They can all be imitated by Ken Lomax's "voice morpher", which lets any karaoke singer sound like a singer of his or her choice.