Picture Question: A 29-hour smooch won a kissing contest in Manhattan for Mark and Roberta Griswold. What did Mark say was the secret of their success: a) We love each other; b) superglue; c) comfortable underwear; d) a sharp razor blade and no aftershave?

1. Whose Father's Eyes opened his eyes to his father?

2. Where are a former actress, a government minister, a novelist, a former newsreader, and an MP leading the field?

3. Why were viewers to Channel 18 on US television disappointed last week, and what did Dallas have to do with it?

4. How was a UFO specialist in Kent stumped by some perfectly identifiable flying objects?

5.Why has a lottery grant of pounds 220,000 for installing underfloor heating, curtains, toys, a choice of menu and showers that can be operated without the use of hands aroused grunts of protest?

6. What does Italy have this week that it hasn't knowingly had for 113 million years?

7. After 52, 13, 19, 20, what happened next?

8. An opinion poll last week revealed Gordon Brown to be the most popular Chancellor for 20 years. Which Chancellor was more popular 20 years ago?

9. What has grey skin, blue fingernails, eats silver and doesn't smoke?

10. What uplifting sight will soon be greeting boys at the V & A?


Picture: c) 1. Eric Clapton, whose latest single, "My Father's Eyes" led to the identification of the man who was his father. 2. In the betting for the Mayor of London, where the shortest odds are on Lord Archer, Ken Livingstone, Frank Dobson, Glenda Jackson and Trevor Phillips. 3. Members of God's Salvation Church had predicted that God would appear on television to announce his arrival in Dallas this week. He didn't show and they admitted they had been wrong. 4. Derek Sheffield, who has written a book on UFOs, lost his case against Rolvenden Cricket Club for damage caused to his house by cricket balls. 5. The amenities are for luxury pigsties in Sheffield. 6. The first Italian dinosaur has been discovered. 7. Michael Atherton resigned as England cricket captain; his captaincy record in Test matches was: played 52, won 13, lost 19, drew 20. 8. Denis Healey. 9. It could be anyone who has tried a Japanese smoking cure involving eating silver. According to the Lancet, it cuts nicotine craving, but gives you grey skin and blue fingernails.10. Eva Herzigova's "Hello Boys" Wonderbra advert has been chosen for a forthcoming poster exhibition.