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Picture Question: This picture from East Jerusalem may not quite be of the first bulldozer in space, but what is the connection between space, a bull, and TMR1?

1. Who was awarded the Charles II medal by the Royal Society in recognition of his scholarship in the study of fish?

2. What new record was set at 18 years and 164 days?

3. What was unique about Tom Whittaker's ascent of Mount Everest?

4. Where have wooden ducks replaced palm-prints?

5. Which traditional sauce is under threat from a ban on the insecticide methyl bromide?

6. Which traditional sauce is now claimed to cut the risk of cancer?

7. Which of your feet is more ticklish - according to research at Stirling University?

8. She says "papa", she has appeared eight times, and her wedding plans were announced last week. Who is she?

9. Whose ashes are in a "disgraceful state of repair" in New Mexico?

10. Complete the following Telegraph headline: "The Queen is '---' says Paisley"

11. Where did a cheese roll defy a safety order?

12. What does Anthony Samuelson hope to gain with the help of 5,000 aural accoutrements?


Picture Question: The Hubble telescope has spotted the first planet outside the solar system. Known as TMR1C, it is in the constellation Taurus, the bull. 1. Emperor Akihito 2. Michael Owen became the youngest footballer to score for England as he scored the only goal against Morocco. 3. He is the first person with only one foot to have done it. 4. At the 231st Royal Academy summer exhibition, where Sir Eduardo Paolozzi's ducks can be seen in place of the controversial portrait of Myra Hindley formed from children's palm-prints. 5. Pesto, made from basil which uses methyl bromide in its cultivation. 6. Tomato ketchup 7. The right one. 8. Nicole, played by Estelle Skornik, the girl in the Renault ad. 9. DH Lawrence - the University of New Mexico has been criticised for failing to maintain the cabin where his ashes are kept. 10. A parrot 11. On Cooper's Hill, near Brockworth, Gloucester, where the traditional Cheese-Rolling Race went ahead despite an official ban on safety grounds. 12. The Turner Prize: he filmed 5,000 commuters crossing London Bridge wearing cardboard ears for his entry.