PICTURE QUESTION: As soprano Charlotte Church celebrates Christmas at the Vatican, why has St Nicole taken a vow of silence?

1. Where is a 1,883ft-tall "silver pencil" to be built?

2. Which country chose not to petition the United States for full statehood?

3. Where is Christmas celebrated with shelving units, storage boxes and bare lightbulbs?

4. Which of the following does not exist: Santa Claus, Bigfoot, or the Loch Ness Monster?

5. Why is beauty in the nose of the beholder?

6. Which famous Franco-Belgian has come out against Communism?

7. Which is the odd one out: the Sistine Chapel, penicillin, a television or a sandwich?

8. Why was the Fairy Godmother in court?

9. How were early risers given a rude awakening?

10. How did crocodiles set up home in the Arctic?

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PICTURE QUESTION: Nicole Appleton of the All Saints has reportedly quit to spend more time with her fiance. 1. Kowloon, Hong Kong: it would be the world's tallest building. 2. Puerto Rico in a referendum. 3. The Tate Gallery, in artist Richard Wilson's version of a Christmas tree. 4. The Chinese government has officially decreed that Bigfoot does not exist. 5. Research at Vienna University shows that pheremones called "copulins" increase a woman's attractiveness. 6. Cartoon character Tintin, in reprints of Tintin au pays du Soviets. 7. Penicillin - the others are in the New Millenium Experience's list of the 12 most important human achievements of the past 1,000 years. 8. Britt Eckland, rehearsing for the role, was in court to identify a thief who stole her watch. 9. Researchers found they were no more likely to be successful. 10. According to new fossil finds, the Arctic was once warm enough for reptiles.