Picture Question: The traditional Barbie doll is to be redesigned to be less top-heavy. If an old-style Barbie were scaled up to have a bust measurement of 38 inches, what would her waist and hips measure?

1. Who is the odd one out: King Carl Gustaf XVI of Sweden, King Hussein of Jordan, King Albert II of the Belgians, King Juan Carlos of Spain, King Harald V of Norway?

2. How did Laura part company with Ann after finding her "too aggressive"?

3. Why was one out of four just enough for 146 of 32?

4. How did a Lynch mob turn Mercury into gold?

5. Where did Scuba find Le Blob and how far away did it have to search?

6. What has risen from the ashes after five years?

7. Which musical joke turned out to be worth pounds 49,900?

8. Explain the Viking influence on the Wars of the Roses in Wales, and why the answer is 42.

9. Where did 2 increase to 21,556 after 55 errors?

10. Which controversial measure has the mayor of Bocaiuva do Sul in Brazil decreed in an attempt to maintain government funding?


Picture: 18" and 34". 1. King Hussein was the only one absent from the royal golden wedding celebrations. 2. Ann Iverson was sacked as boss of Laura Ashley as her strategy was described as "too aggressive". 3. A BAe 146 aircraft of 32 Squadron (the Royal Flight) had to land at Stansted on one of its four engines after experiencing difficulties after take- off. 4. Merrill Lynch bought Mercury Asset management for pounds 3.1bn. 5. Using the Submillimetre Common User Belometer Array (SCUBA), astronomers at Edinburgh Royal Observatory have discovered a new galaxy, which they have named Le Blob, 10m light years away. 6. Windsor Castle 7. Jack Benny's violin was sold for that amount at Sotheby's. 8. A drunken spectator posing as a Viking terrified people re-enacting a Roses battle in Carmerthenshire. He was sentenced to 6 weeks (42 days) in prison. 9. The LibDem majority at Winchester - where the election was re-run after 55 ballot papers had been found to be faulty. 10. he has banned the sale of condoms and contraceptives - the grant is dependent on population size.