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Planners, architects and local authorities have too often gone into poor estates and repainted the doors without doing anything to tackle the problems that lie behind them.

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott

As far as I am concerned you can celebrate the year 2000 by blowing up the set of Coronation Street.

Historian Sir Roy Strong

The schedule wouldn't let me do a breast cancer interview, and I thought, 'What are your principles?' I had to question myself. That is the reason I left that day.

Geri Halliwell tells Michael Parkinson the real reason she wouldn't appear with the other Spice Girls on the Lottery Show, and later left the group

It is absurd that, on the day the euro starts trading, in the week the monetary policy committee is meeting, and when the Chancellor is working on a number of important initiatives for the New Year, there is such attention focused on me.

Charlie Whelan, who is quitting as Gordon Brown's press aide

The British in their pinstripes did not want to get their hands dirty while we were toiling away on the construction of the euro. Our pound is staying out, they said, with a stiff upper lip.

German tabloid Bild

To expect a single parent in a condemned flat to be more politically informed than the Deputy Prime Minister is convenient humbug.

Lord Hattersley, former Labour minister, on John Prescott's inability to remember some of Labour's promises

I would have thought that most of the inmates were pretty good at telling tales already without having someone to teach them.

John Baskerville, Norfolk county councillor on the appointment of an official storyteller at Wayland prison

Obviously, you do get one or two people in the Lords who are a bit odd, but you get nutters everywhere.

Cross-bench hereditary peeress Baroness Strange

I cannot contain my indifference.

Scotsman asked for his views on Prince Edward's engagement

Mummy, I've had an accident.

Rogue trader John Park breaks the news of the pounds 6m gamble that failed