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I can only say, in my blunt way of saying it, that it makes me throw up.

Chancellor Helmut Kohl on the broadcast of Bill Clinton's testimony

Jumping into bed with people too quickly, I am told, makes any liaison far less satisfying when it is eventually achieved.

Simon Hughes,

Liberal Democrat MP, warning against closer links with the Labour Party

My mum has the mouth; my dad has the brains; but I'm told I've got both.

Simon Eddy,

14-year-old delegate to the Lib Dem conference

I am concerned about a man whose soul is in mortal danger ... we're not just going to walk in and do a 15-minute how're-we-doing, here's-a-verse- of-scripture, a-verse-a-day-will-keep-the-devil-away. We won't let him off easily.

The Rev Tony Campolo,

sociologist and one of the clergymen counselling President Clinton

Half of Kosovo is already destroyed and burning. By the time Nato gets round to doing anything, Slobodan Milosevic will have had time to destroy the other half too.

Ibrahim Rugova,

Kosovo Albanian leader.

It looks like it's over.... It means everything, it means freedom.

Salman Rushdie

as Iran dissociates itself from the fatwa.

We are facing a crisis and the Government seems to be playing Nero. There is no policy for dealing with this in London, let alone nationally. We are sitting on a time bomb.

A social worker on the refugee flood from Kosovo

Sailors are still the salt of the earth, and as good as they ever were. And just as wicked.

Admiral Sir Jock Slater, outgoing First Sea Lord.

Men in power attract the female sex like ants to a honey spill. They forget they are mere mortals. They are convinced they live in a realm closer to the gods.

Margarita Papandreou, whose husband had an affair when he was Greek Prime Minister