Ready to wear: Woolly ideas

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A well thought out jumper can look most handsome on a chappie. I'm a particular fan of jumpers that are slightly too big on a man, with high necks and longer-length cuffs. Mmm. This makes me go weak at the knees. Cashmere, particularly snuggly and hug inducing, is worth the money, as apart from anything else more girls will want to hug you. For goodness sake don't bother hand-washing sweaters - save for the most precious ones - shove them in the machine on a wool wash and dry them on those flat contraptions you get from catalogues (and John Lewis). Argos do a fine bobble-eater you can whirr over your jersey before putting it on to keep it looking shipshape. Hand-knitting is coming back, so this is a good time to learn how to knit and purl. All the best men do.

Above: Red zip cardigan (sizes M-XL), pounds 85, YMC, Duffer Of St George, 29 Shorts Gardens, London WC2. Enquiries: 0171 379 4660 Left: Camel/brown/blue-striped polo-neck sweater (sizes S-XL), pounds 66, Jigsaw Menswear, 9-10 Floral Street, London WC2, and 76-80 Kings Road, Manchester. Enquiries: 0171 240 5651 Bottom left: Green/aqua/khaki stripe polo sweater (sizes S-XL), pounds 120, Hamnett London, Katharine Hamnett, 20 Sloane Street, London SW1, and 38 Princes Square, Glasgow. Enquiries: 0171 823 1002

Bottom centre: Brown suedette and rib wool cardigan (sizes S-XL), pounds 122, Paul and Joe, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge, London SW1, and Autograph, 15 Ethel Street, Birmingham. Enquiries: 0171 734 0123

Bottom right: Green sweater with suede pockets (sizes S-XL), pounds 112, Amaya Arzuaga, Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1, and Limeys, 28 Sadlers Gate, Derby. Enquiries: 0171 734 0123