If you are one of the millions who chuck their underwired bras in the wash rather than submit them to the hand wash, you'll already know what eventually happens. They get mangled. In fact, according to Triumph, 50 per cent of all washing machine call-outs are to retrieve wandering wires.

Triumph's new Clic & Wash bra (pounds 20 to pounds 25) aims to solve this problem. Two flattering, practical styles of bra (seamed or unseamed cups) have been designed with removable underwiring. Little diamante studs in the centre of the bra can be unclipped to release the plastic wires and then it's simply a question of pulling them out and keeping them safe while your bra enjoys a machine tumble.

Tested over two weeks - and with as little care on my part as I could muster short of physically stamping on it - the bra kept its shape, and refitting the underwiring afterwards took only one or two attempts.

Whether it will stay in shape over a period of months is difficult to gauge but, made from 80 per cent Polymid, 20 per cent Elastan, it shouldn't be any less resilient than any other bra. It was comfortable and supportive without looking like a sports bra in drag. Unfortunately, you can forget it if you're a D cup or above, as, rather annoyingly, sizes only go from 30-40 A to C.

Triumph Clic & Wash bras, available in most department stores from the end of September.