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The Uninvited (12), Carlton, pounds 14.99. Yet another series hanging on the coat tails of The X Files. This one, from the makers of Inspector Morse and Hamish Macbeth, sees Leslie Grantham (aka Dirty Den) as a policeman whose home town in Norfolk apparently slides into the sea. A shame he didn't go with it. HH

A Night To Remember (U), Carlton, pounds 5.99. Roy Baker's 1958 rendering of the sinking of the Titanic, boasted 200 speaking parts and a modest pounds 1.5 million budget. But it looks expensive and remains uncluttered by whimsical sub-plots, unlike that other version you might have heard of.HHHH

The Nazis - A Warning From History (PG), BBC, pounds 19.99

In this informed history of the rise and fall of the Nazis, contemporaries recall Hitler's power, witnesses describe the horrors perpetrated on the Eastern Front and Germans offers a new angle on the relationship between the party and the people. HHH

Jack Dee: Live in London (15), VVL, pounds 14.99 (right) Footage of The Miserable One on the last night of his sell-out tour. The objects of his on the whole inspired mockery include the magician David Copperfield, the Spice Girls and "donor" kebabs.HHH

Fiona Sturges