Touching Evil (15) VCI, pounds 10.99 Will Robson Green (right) never go away? Here he's the masterful and moody Detective Inspector Dave Creegan in this highly successful thriller from Paul Abbot (of Cracker fame). And, damn it, it's really rather good. HHH

Legends of Wimbledon - John McEnroe (E) Carlton, pounds 12.99 This programme traces John McEnroe's Wimbledon career as he lacerates his larynx at the umpire, thrashes his opponents on the hallowed courts and embarks on a new career as a courtside commentator. HHH

The Human Body (PG) BBC, pounds 19.99 Following the brouhaha over the televising of a cancer patient's final moments, this is bound to be a sell-out. It follows the biological processes of human development from conception to the hormonal madness of adolescence. HHHH

Invasion of the Astro Monsters (E) Polygram, pounds 5.99 With the Hollywood revival of Japan's most famous reptile, this is no doubt the first of many Godzilla films to be re-released. All are undoubtedly classier than their latest humourless imitator. Delightful. HHHH

Fiona Sturges