Multi-cultural magazine programmes, Afro-Caribbean entertainment shows and an arts channel are all available to cable television viewers.

By this autumn they will also have access to Channel One, a London-wide news station being launched by Associated News and a 'pay-per-view' film channel showing films six months before they are available on video.

The Cable Television Association, which represents cabling companies, believes the medium has the edge over satellite broadcasting. Niall Hickey, a CTA spokesman, said that London is leading the cable television revolution in Britain and choice within the M25 is greater than anywhere in the country.

He said Londoners with cable can also receive local community stations, as well as four national channels and those available on satellite.

'Channel One will have a very metropolitan focus. It will cover just the area within the M25. Not like the other regional stations who cover stories out in Surrey and Kent as well.'

The acceleration of cable television is also expected to create 24,000 jobs over the next few years, a quarter of those in London.

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