No doubt those who believe in retro chic will be running out to buy some lucky friend a bottle or two of Old Spice this Christmas. If you really must buy it, then at least try to retain your friendship with the excuse that old skool is cool. The good news about this gift, though, is that the Old Spice range, which starts at pounds 9.95 (available from all major retailers nationwide), comes in nifty and very practical tins...

... alternatively, you could step into the Nineties and get them something truly spicy, like the Chilli Head's Survival Kit from Harvey Nichols Foodmarket (0171-235 5000 x2822 for mail order). For pounds 24.95, the lunchbox- style tin by Dave's Gourmet provides all a pain-tolerant chilli

fanatic's heart could desire; insanity sauce, ginger and peach hot sauce, burning nuts and six varieties of dried chillis. Carramba!