Look no further if unadulterated decadence is the way to your lover's heart and convenience is the way to yours. The leading caviar importer, W G White, has joined forces with the Laurent-Perrier champagne house to create a seductive offer for Valentine's Day.

A bottle of Laurent-Perrier Brut NV champagne, a 125g tin of fresh, chilled Iranian Sevruga caviar, and a mother of pearl spoon will be delivered to your door for pounds 55 (plus pounds 4.50 for delivery). A saving of pounds 35 on the usual price. All you need to do is call 07000 228 427, and allow 48 hours for delivery.

William George White set up his company in 1895 to bring the very best caviar to the UK. Little has changed over the years - caviar is still packed in tins at sea and then transported here in wooden crates, chilled but never frozen.

Caviar is traditionally accompanied by ice-cold vodka or chilled champagne, and Laurent-Perrier's light, dry style goes with it particularly well. Caviar should always be scooped from the tin vertically from top to bottom to avoid crushing the eggs, hence the spoon provided. You can eat it off the back of your hand at the junction of the thumb and forefinger, but that's just one suggestion. No doubt you'll think of many more.