Shopping: Six Of The Best-drop necklaces

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The outrageous:

Protect your neck from unwanted amorous attention with a delicate blue bead necklace by Danielle Saffer, pounds 156 from ec one (0171 713 6185)

The decadent:

Rediscover the days when the neck was the sexiest part of the body with a hematite crystal necklace, pounds 240, from Erickson Beamon (0171 259 0202)

The sleek:

If understated is the way you like to play, a silver and 9ct gold necklace by Jeremy Heber, at pounds 90 from Argenta (0171 584 4480), is the thing for you

The demure:

A little something for the weekend? Don't forget to pack a silver and garnet drop and tear necklace pounds 24.99, Accessorize (enquiries 0171 313 3000)

The flirty:

Put a twinkle in someone else's eye with a pink and silver beaded double droplet choker, pounds 4.99 from Oasis (01865 881986 for nearest store)

The classic:

A necklace for all occasions, grey beaded faux-antique choker, pounds 4.99, Oasis (01865 881986 enquiries)

Photographs by Neville Elder