Six of the best toys for Christmas

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1Pogs, from 99p 'The marbles of the Nineties', Pogs are milk-bottle tops with cartoons on, and children swap them. Parents love them because they're so cheap

2 Princess Butterfly Barbie, from pounds 17.99 Eight million Barbies are sold world-wide every year. Princess Butterfly and Holiday Barbie are this season's hot tips

3 Bubba loo Bird, pounds 9.95 A hairy puppet with nodding head reminiscent of Rod Hull's Emu. Guaranteed non violent. Parents will probably have to do all the work

4 Aquazone Lego, pounds 60 the set Lego certainly has changed since it consisted of little bricks and the odd wheel. This is a whole underwater world, complete with Aquasharks


5 Power Rangers, from pounds 3.99 to pounds 17.99 The teenagers that morph into Protean superheroes bolted from the shops last Christmas but are still huge sellers

6 Sega Lock-On, from pounds 29.99 (single) Cowboys and Indians using lasers. Comprises head set and lock-on gun. Can be played indoors and out