1. You've made it obvious that you are attracted to a colleague. You ask her out on a date. She firmly says no. Do you:

a) take no for an answer

b) keep trying, she's probably playing hard to get and she'll probably change her mind

c) tell her she's frigid and make sure everyone in the office knows that ...

2. You are in the company gym with a female employee and you are discussing a survey that says exercise releases endorphins. Do you.

a) say it's sounds like an interesting theory

b) remark that you'd love to bench-press a few pounds with her

c) tell her you know other ways of getting a natural rush

3. You think one of your colleagues is very attractive. Do you

a) keep your thoughts to yourself

b) say, I really appreciate a woman who takes good care of herself

c) look her in the eye and tell her, loudly, that she's got great legs

4. A group is gossiping over lunch about all the good-looking female staff. A younger female colleague looks embarrassed. Do you:

a) ask her if she'd prefer the subject changed

b) Say you haven't noticed

c) Look at her directly and invite discussion about whether she is the best-looking

5. You are bantering to a female colleague about hemlines going up this year. Do you say:

a) you find the female kneecap a distressing sight

b) will you be wearing stockings or tights?

c) fabulous outfit! All you need now is a pair of black patent stilettos

6. You can call up pornographic material on your computer screen, about which you already know your assistant feels uncomfortable. Do you:

a) wait until she is out of the office

b) wait until she has left her desk

c) describe what is going on on-screen and invite her to come and look at it

7. Aware that women complain about men never noticing when they're wearing something new, you make an effort when a female colleague comes in wearing a new outfit. Do you say:

a) you look really good in scoop necks

b) isn't that new? It really suits you

c) that scoop neck is a great idea: if you've got it, flaunt it!

8. You ask a junior female colleague out for a drink and she declines for the third time. Do you say:

a) watch your work because your performance is slipping

b) I like to get to know my staff better

c) you'll have time to get that project in tomorrow morning instead of tomorrow night, then

9. You flirtatiously comment on how much work has improved now you've been working together. If your colleague asks you what you mean, do you:

a) apologise because you realise she is not impressed

b) say it was a joke. You thought she had a sense of humour

c) tell her you'll recommend her for the promotion if she sleeps with you because you've always fancied her

10. You're all talking about RSI and how to alleviate the pain through massage. Do you:

a) recommend a good physiotherapist

b) grab your junior colleague's hand and start massaging it

c) say that computers aren't the only way to get RSI


1. You are talking to your shyest male employee about the Western world's declining sperm count and how wearing constricting undergarments is meant to worsen the problem. Do you ask:

a) for his opinion

b) if he worries about his own fertility

c) whether he is wearing boxers or Y-fronts?

2. You are discussing a news story about female bosses and sexual harassment. Do you:

a) remark that power is too easily abused

b) say, when are we going to start fucking?

c) this is putting ideas into my head

3. You've always lived in short skirts. When you sit on a colleague's desk, he clearly looks uncomfortable. Do you:

a) move away

b) say: I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable

c) say: Oops, sorry! I bet you can see my underwear

4. You ask a new employee to join you for a drink after work and he declines because of family commitments. Do you say:

a) another time then ...

b) I'll make it worth your while

c) in my experience the employees that get on know what their bosses want

5. You tell a male employee you need another colleague's home number. He gives you the number. Do you then say:

a) actually it's your number I'm after

b) thank you

c) can I please have your home number in case I need to call you out of work

6. There is only one man in your office, who is young and shy. Your first words to him on Monday mornings are:

a) good morning

b) you are looking better than ever

c) hey, girls, the stud is back

7. There is a male colleague in the office that all the women fancy. You want to get to know him better. Do you:

a) introduce yourself and ask him to go for a drink at lunchtime

b) tell him in front of the whole office that you want to have his babies

c) message him by e-mail four or five times a day, complimenting him on his hair, clothes, budget report, despite never receiving a reply

If you've ticked b) or c) once or twice consider yourself fresh. If you've ticked b) or c) several times, you are a sexual harasser.

These questions are based on real-case scenarios. Compiled with the assistance of Women against Sexual Harassment.