Stand at ease

Six of the best military accessories; The army look has been popular anti-fashion for ages. Now it's in the department stores
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1 Freeman's shirt, pounds 14.99, skirt pounds 19.99 We're not recommending full camouflage gear: rather a combat pocket here, a touch of khaki there. This skirt and shirt ensemble is tough yet feminine: more Katie Adie than Tank Girl. Good loose armholes for the when the heat is on. Made from 100-per-cent khaki cotton and excellent value. From Freeman's mail-order catalogue: 0800 900 200

2 APC, pounds 60 White shirt with discreet combat pockets. The cut on this shirt is very slim and the armholes are a bit restricting, but it has the popular small, fitted look. Can be teamed with anything from jeans to a suit. One drawback may be that you get mistaken for a dental hygienist. From APC, 124 Draycott Avenue, London SW3

3 Marks & Spencer jumper, pounds 16 Sage-green cotton jumper. One of those reliable M&S separates that form the backbone of most normal people's wardrobes. From branches nationwide; inquiries on 0171-935 4422. Combat trousers can be had from any army surplus store: these are from Lawrence Corner, 62-64 Hampstead Road, London NW1 (0171- 813 1010)

4 Comme des Garcons T-shirt, pounds 45 Your standard long-sleeved T-shirt; the price is accounted for by the trendy sludge colour and the designer name. From Space NK, 41 Earlham Street, London WC2. Inquiries and mail-order on 0171-379 7030. Stretchy canvas belt pounds 9.75 by Otto Glanz, from a selection at Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1 (0171-629 1234)

5 Kangaroos plimsolls, pounds 19.99 Being khaki, these will never need whitening, so feel free to treat them badly. From Shellys, 266 Regent Street, London W1. Inquiries and mail- order on 0181-450 0066 6 MaxMara vest, pounds 73 Unless you are a complete fashion babe, this khaki string vest should probably be left to flat-chested models and grandads at the seaside. Probably at its best under a loose knotted shirt. From MaxMara, 32 Sloane Street, London SW1 (0171-235 7941). With leather belt by Otto Glanz, pounds 27, from Selfridges as above