Helena Christensen: Curriculum Vitae

Born: Christmas Day, 1968, Denmark

Nationality: Danish/ Peruvian

Qualifications: Miss Denmark, 1986

Appearance: 5'9", 35-23-35

Office attributes:

Iconoclastic: Have smashed many a taboo (posed nude for Playboy, appeared naked on billboards in Times Square, been a regular lingerie model for Victoria's Secret, cavorted on the beach with Chris Isaak for his video for Wicked Game

Intimate knowledge of rock 'n' roll Down Under: I once stepped out with Michael Hutchence

Will travel: Conveniently, I have homes in New York, Monaco, and Copenhagen


Films: There's Something About Mary, Pret-a-Porter

Photography: We're talking more than holiday snaps

Charity work: Aids Awareness and the anti-fur organisation, PETA

Remaining ambition: To bond with fellow blonde Paula Yates

Careers advice for Helena:

Jeff Grout, Managing Director of Robert Half Recruitment Consultancy, says: "A pretty thing can be front of house, a meeter and greeter; or walk around a boxing ring, holding up the number of rounds left. Or patriotic Helena could work for Denmark's bacon industry."

Claudia Schiffer:

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 25 August, 1970, Rheinberg, Germany

Career turning point: discovered, while gyrating in Euro hotspot, Dusseldorf Disco, in 1987

Typing speed: with my nails?

Appearance: 5'11", 37-24-36

Office attributes:

My face will be familiar to fellow workers: Over 600

magazine covers and counting

Fat salary not necessary: I'm worth some pounds 36 million

Good diplomatic skills: L'Oreal's official "ambassador"

Always sober: Teetotaller

Good timekeeping: Made a calendar every year since 1990

I'm fit: My fitness videos are available from all self-respecting outlets


Driving into walls: To advertise the Citroen Xsara's airbags

Films: Forget it - you won't have heard of them

Remaining ambition: To puzzle out how David Copperfield, my magician boyriend, does that trick when he flies through our boudoir

Careers advice for Claudia:

Olwyn Burgess, Director of Career Management at Cepec Consulting, says: "Claudia will need resilience to change career path, but she has good physical endurance for all those shoots. Then there are her fitness videos... maybe she could find salavation going further down that line."

Naomi Campbell:

Curriculum Vitae

Born: 22 May, 1970, Streatham

Nationality: British

Qualifications: Sorry?

Appearance: 5'91/2", 34-23-34;

Office attributes:

Brimming contacts book: I'm Nelson Mandela's "honorary granddaughter", Robert de Niro was a close friend, Kate Moss is a bosom buddy

Di-style caring and sharing: Red Cross, Unesco

Great business sense: Opened Fashion Cafes


Punctuality not my forte

Zilch business acumen: See Fashion Cafes entry, above


Music: A number-one hit in Japan with La La La Love Song

Videos: With Aretha, Pink Floyd, George Michael

Films: Spike Lee's Girl Six

Favourite places: Jamaica, Marrakesh, Thailand

Unique career move: Wrote a "novel" called Swan

Remaining ambition: To write a novel

Careers advice for Naomi:

Jeff Grout says:"Charity work is normally seen as non-sexy. So Naomi could help things by promoting a cause she cares about: sickle cell anaemia has a particularly high incidence in west India." Olwyn Burgess says: "Why not go the other side of the camera, design clothes, be a fashion editor?"