Two Fat Ladies (8.30pm BBC2) A new series of the good-time food programme returns, with the irrepressible Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright leaping back on their bikes and pulling up in front of the Brazilian Embassy to cater for the ambassador's reception without the use of gold-wrapped bonbons. Menu includes blinis, devils on horseback, Portuguese cod cakes and Brazilian bean fritters, plus a joshing, singing and a good deal of hearty wobbling. The series deserves to run and run, unlike its presenters.

Equinox (9.00pm C4) Icebergs: one of the least controllable of natural phenomena. We've tried to destroy these shipping hazards with bombs, guns and, believe it or not, black paint, but in the end the best way devised to avoid being sunk by one is to not go near it. The International Ice Patrol, set up after the Titanic disaster to monitor ice movements and paid for by 17 countries, covers half a million square miles of ocean, but lives continue to be lost as shippers ignore their advice. Meanwhile, huge reserves of oil have been found in Newfoundland's notorious Iceberg Alley, and $5bn of research has gone into producing the world's first berg-proof oil platform.