Miss Mageydo, how do you do?
There was once an old woman called Miss Mageydo. Nobody liked Miss Mageydo. It was not because she was horrible or anything. It was because she never spoke to anyone except the people who worked with her. She worked at a flea circus and got paid very little money so she was very scruffy. She had a tiny house next to the woods. She had a sister who was very rich, but the sister hated Miss Mageydo. Miss Mageydo also had a dog called Twix.

One day she heard a person singing Happy Birthday from the living room. She went in the living room but there was nobody there except Twix. The singing was coming from Twix. Suddenly, a tiny red thing jumped off Twix. Miss Mageydo ran to get the magnifying glass. She looked at the red thing through the magnifying glass and it was a FLEA singing Happy Birthday.

"But fleas can't talk," she said to herself. Then suddenly the flea said "HELLO, are you Miss Mageydo? I would like to work in your flea circus."

"All right," she said, in a surprised voice.

The next day Miss Mageydo took the flea to work with her. Everyone gathered round to see the flea. The next day the flea was on TV (Miss Mageydo got paid a lot for it). By the end of the week Miss Mageydo was very rich and famous.

She was not scruffy any more and everyone liked her. Her best friend was the flea because of his kindness. People started to make a song about Miss Mageydo. It went like this:

Miss Mageydo, how do you do?

Miss Mageydo, your eyes are so blue


Miss Mageydo, what do you see?

Miss Mageydo, you've a lovely big flea

Everyone round the world was singing it and soon they made toys and models of Miss Mageydo and the flea. The next day Miss Mageydo's sister came to see her. She asked if she could have some money because she had lost her job. Miss Mageydo said yes, and they chatted for ages and by the time it was half 12 they were best friends.

So Miss Mageydo's sister got the money and she moved into Miss Mageydo's house. They lived very happily but Twix did not because he had a flea on him all the time and he itched like mad.


Mayfield School, Hanwell, London