The damage: What is the price of love?

Fiona McClymont offers a Valentine's Day shopping list
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Across the length and breadth of the country tomorrow, all manner of love tokens will be exchanged between people who have fallen, starry- eyed, into the heart-shaped abyss that is "Romance". Valentine's Day was originally a Pagan festival that involved Roman men drawing girls' names from a jar. Bearing in mind then, that it has always been a sort of lottery for women, prospective lovers might like to increase their chances by choosing their love-tokens with a little more care than a box of Black Magic and a card from the local newsagent might suggest. Here's some ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day ...

The flowers Traditional one dozen red roses, pounds 75 The card White card from Paperchase with silver metal heart in the middle which acts as a holder for two small, attached, candles, pounds 5

The chocolates A heart-shaped velvet-padded box containing heart-shaped chocolates from Godiva, Chocolatier of Regent Street, pounds 45

The public declaration Three line-message in The Independent professing undying affection for "snugglechops" from "fluffybumkins", pounds 20

The lingerie From Agent Provocateur of London's Soho, a silver, jewel- encrusted presentation box with two keys, so only you and your partner share the benefits of what is inside, pounds 5,000. And on the inside, the "Love Set" - bra, brief, and suspenders in red or black sheer tulle with satin edging and gold heart detail, pounds 85

Jewellery A diamond engagement ring, pounds 18,000.

The romantic meal Day return for two, to Paris on Eurostar, travelling first class (ensures a supply of pink Champagne and more chocolates), pounds 258; dinner overlooking the Seine at Laperouse restaurant, pounds 110

The extravagant and slightly naff gesture Name a star after your partner, pounds 55

Total pounds 23,653

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