The evidence: The jewellery designer's work table

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Noel Bohorquez works with crystals and semi-precious stones. Devotees of her delicate necklaces include Alanis Morrisette and Zoe Ball

"I think different stones are relevant to various moments we experience in our lives, it's kind of like reading a book. The purple beads (1) represent air. I just woke up one morning and I felt I knew how to make a chakra necklace. Most of my inspiration comes in dreams. On the stand (2) is a selection of my necklaces - there's a male energy one as I think guys need a bit of help. I bought the coaster (3) as one of a set of four in a gallery in Portobello. Frank (4) is one of my Persian cats. There is another one called Betty. They stay up late with me if I'm working and are really good company. I have these ambidextrous scissors (5) because I am left-handed with scissors and right-handed with everything else. Left-handed scissors are useless as you can't see what you're doing. If you divide the desk up under feng shui principles, the left hand-corner (6) is for prosperity, it's good to have something red in that section. I have to keep my desk really neat. Even if I've finished a project and I'm going to be using some of the same materials, I still tidy them away and take them out when I need them. It's cathartic I suppose."

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