Chris Cunningham is a director at Ridley Scott Associates Films. His work includes music videos for artists such as Madonna, Bjork, Aphex Twin and Portishead

"The stills (1) are from a Portishead video. We use them to work out what effects we need during editing. I took these photographs (2) while I was in New York looking for locations for a Leftfield promo. I'm a big Star Wars fan, hence the picture of Darth Vader (3). I found the aeroplane parts (4) in a skip when I worked for Stanley Kubrick. I know it looks a bit sad photographing them, but I used the pictures later for an album cover. My assistant Holly (5) stuck these pictures of herself up on my wall in the hope of appearing in this photograph - quite a cunning plan. I listen to music while I'm working (6), a lot of Chopin and Debussy. Someone broke the award (7) I won for a video, it's been stuck back together at least twice. The new album cover for Aphex Twin (8) is a photograph I took in LA of girls with silicone implants sunbathing. I superimposed the bands' faces on the bodies. The masks (9) were used in the video. You have to show your ideas in storyboard form to the record company - this is one for Bjork (10). The book, How to Massage Your Dog (11), was a present from Madonna. I don't own one, but I'm thinking about it. Maybe she can see into the future."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Claudia Janke