No. 101 Kate Moss
I see London Fashion Week is coming up. I suppose Kate Moss will be there?

Actually, no. She's got bigger fish to fry. She'll be in New York working on another controversial set of advertisements for Calvin Klein.

What's controversial about them?

Well, the Advertising Standards Authority don't like them. They think it's "irresponsible" to have her lolling around looking child-like underneath the words "Obsession for Men".

And is she an "obsession for men"?

Not really. A survey in GQ found British men would offer £1,319 on average to sleep with her, more than for Emma Thompson (£986) but less than for Elizabeth Hurley (£1,328).

She's hardly likely to be tempted by that, is she?

No. She can earn $10,000 an hour - and Calvin Klein is reputed to pay her £1.5m a year.

That's why they call her "superwaif", is it?

That and the notoriously pre-pubescent look which has seen her denounced by all manner of feminists and moralists for pandering to paedophile fantasies.

And what does she say?

When the Daily Mail attacked her, she insisted "I am a woman". And she's changed her image.

In what way?

She wears red lipstick and has put on a couple of pounds. She even has what one shocked observer called "a gently rounded tummy", although you have to look hard to see it.

But presumably it was the waif look that got her discovered?

It was. She was spotted at JFK Airport in New York, in transit from the Bahamas, where she had famously been relieved of her virginity, declaring "I don't want to lose it to some nasty bloke in Croydon."

Why Croydon?

Well, she's the most famous person to come from Croydon since, er, Gareth Hunt.

And where does she spend her time now?

New York, Paris, Milan, west London (where she has a flat), and wherever Johnny Depp is.

So is that the most important relationship in her life?

That and the one with Calvin Klein.