Electronic devices such as e-readers or mp3 players are almost certain to be popular this year, but as a recent study, which found 31 percent of Brits received unwanted gadgets, shows choosing the right device can be difficult.  However guidance from the BVA and survey results consumer research group Nielsen could help steer Christmas shoppers in the right direction.

Electronic entertainment rights watchdog the British Video Association (BVA), outlined in a November 19 press release what they believe will be the 'hottest gadgets' this Christmas. In the list the BVA included Blu Ray disc players which start from around 180€, e-readers particularly the Amazon Kindle which retails for 128€, the Sony Playstation 3 starting from around 259€, and the   iPod touch which retails for around 225€.

The popularity of gadgets is echoed by the results of a survey conducted in America by market research group Nielsen. According to the results of the survey this seasons 'must have gift' amongst American children aged 6-12 was an iPad which retail for upwards of 375€. While children aged 13 and over were most interest in receiving a computer, a TV or a smartphone (not including iPhones), however Apple products were also popular items amongst this older age group with 18 percent of 13+ year olds being interested in an iPad.

Despite this penchant for expensive electronics the best selling items on Amazon under the category of toys and games over the past three weeks have tended to be less expensive lower tec gadgets such as remote controlled helicopters or chunky shock proof children's cameras; perhaps suggesting that children who expected iPads maybe a little disappointed this year.