"When you sense someone of the opposite sex is staring at the back of your head or when you don't want to answer the telephone because you know it's your mother - that's telepathy. We all have this power, and we use it every day. It's a skill that can be developed, but it takes practice.

It's best to start your experiments with something simple, such as guessing which playing card one of you is looking at. Give everyone a pad of paper and a pencil so they can write down their results. Shuffle the playing cards, then choose one at random and stare hard at it. Now try to `beam' the image you are seeing into the minds of the other people. I find the best way to do this is to draw the image mentally over and over again - really concentrating. If you're on the receiving end you should close your eyes: you're looking at a television screen, the pictures it broadcasts are very vivid and bright. When you receive an image telepathically you will see it on the screen.

Be patient. Our brains are like muscles, and if they haven't been exercised in this way before it can be difficult. Once you've got the hang of numbers try letters of the alphabet, people's names, or whatever else you fancy. Remember that telepathy is doubly difficult if you're bored. So ask the image-sender to choose exciting images; transmit the word `SEX!' - who knows where it might lead?" Interview by Fiona McClymont

Uri Geller's novel `Ella' is published by Headline Feature at pounds 5.99 and his `Little Book of MindPower' by Robson Books at pounds 2.50. Visit his website at urigeller.com; e-mail him at urigeller@compuserve.com