The new Glam glitterati

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The glam revival starts here, but it's different this time. The androgyny is still intact, but the silver foil has given way to the last vestiges of Britpop. Think Suede's Coming Up album cover, glittery eyeshadow, feather boas and Jarvis Cocker's haircut.

Chesca, 19, singer for glam band Persecution Complex:

"Britpop bands make a point of dressing down, we make a point of dressing up. We've got a sense of humour about it and everyone has a really good time at the new clubs. It's not so much about poncing around as having a good time and looking good."

Xav, 22, ex-lead singer with glam band Dex Dexter, who plays Pearl in Velvet Goldmine, a bass-player with fictional band The Flaming Creatures:

"There is a lot of inspiration from people from the Seventies. A lot of it is from the more subversive side of glam rock, like Bowie and Marc Bolan. But the best new bands - Placebo, Minty and Persecution Complex - don't get all their influences from the Seventies. What we happen to be wearing could be next season's thing. If that is going to be jumping around in platforms again, who knows?"

Jezza, 19, from glam band Logo Laboratory:

"We're glamorous skate kids. We dye our hair, look great and wear thick- soled platform shoes. We've got a Banhof look. It's based on all the last freaks who hang out at the Banhof Zoo train station in the film Christina F."

Check out Club Kitten for the Banhof look at the Sub Bar at Guildhall University, Goulston Street, London E1, 0181 342 9344. Catch glam rock, Bowie, swing and glam hip-hop at The Pony Club, Fridays at The Eve Club, 189 Regent Street, London W1, 0171 734 4252.