Gilles Peterson
Gilles Peterson

is a Radio 1 DJ and the boss of Talkin' Loud, the record label responsible for artists including Galliano and Roni Size. INcredible Sound of LP is on general release.

None of my career has been planned, it's just built up slowly over time. I've gone along with it because I love it, and ultimately that's why I think I've been successful. I don't think you can do it any other way if you're a DJ.

I started out just messing about in my back garden with a couple of turntables when I was 15. I set up my own pirate station which was one of the first to play soul music around London, and from there I got offered the chance to work on K Jazz which became Jazz FM. After a stint on Kiss FM, I was given a shot at Radio 1 and I'm still there.

When I came on the scene, there wasn't a lot going on in London with dance music and I really grabbed my chance. I quickly got involved with a Friday night set at the Electric Ballroom in Camden which was one of the first clubs to play electro/hip-hop.

I realise now how lucky I was to find something I was into when there was little competition. I've managed to stay energetic and enthusiastic in an industry that's known to be really bad for your health! That's been crucial. If you're not committed in this game, you might as well give up.