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The Time 2 to 31 October, Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm

The Place Suzanne Ruggles Gallery, 436 Kings Road, London

The EssentialsIn a consumer driven society hungry for all things new and fashionable, young avant-garde French artist Olivier Vincent is a breath of fresh air. He can make something out of nothing by turning discarded materials like oil drums and propellers into extraordinary pieces of sculpture.

Made from a discarded oil drum, the `Savane' chair has a detachable zebra print seat and costs pounds 660.

`Without End' is a table made from an old propeller and costs pounds 850

This lamp, one of a pair, is made from industrial steel salvaged from parts of a helicopter. Together they cost pounds 1,200.

The `Quiet Chair' is made from steel and glass and costs pounds 1,450