This week's hot products on the web: cameras and novelty shoes

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Professional digital video camera the Phantom Flex was a hot product on the web this week; online shoppers were also looking for the Sony Dash internet viewer and uniquely shaped Five Fingers shoes from Vibram.

Produced by Vision Research, the " Phantom Flex" professional video camera is capable of shooting images at over 10,750 frames per second (fps). More information about the Phantom Flex professional camera is available at

The appearance of Thomas Edison in this week's charts is an anomaly caused by a Google Doodle celebrating the American inventor's 164th birthday, which automatically produced related search terms.

The " Sony Dash," the term in third this week with the most growth, is a 17.78cm (7 inch) touchscreen 'internet viewer' / alarm clock compatible with a range of applications. However the Sony Dash, which retails for around $149 (€110), is not a tablet as it needs to remain plugged in at all times; for more information click here.

The term " Vibram FiveFingers" refers to novel shoes from Vibram. The range of Five Fingers shoes are made from stretchable polyamide fabric and include individual spaces for toes meaning that the shoe essentially takes the exact shape of the wearer's foot, giving him or her complete freedom of movement in the toes. More information and links to international sites can be found at  

Other popular product searches on Google this week include the phrases " flannel shirt," " radar detector" and " heart rate monitor" and the German term "pkw reifentiefpreis" which translates as "car tire price." Due to Valentine's Day on February 14 the term " flowers" was also popular, trending in ninth position.

The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide, in the last seven days, in the category Products  as measured by Google Insights, recorded on February 16 at 9:30 AM GMT, are:

01.   phantom flex (breakout*)
02.   thomas edison (breakout*)
03.   sony dash (+400%)
04.   pkw reifentiefpreis (+250%)
05.   vibram five fingers (+70%)
06.   walkie talkie (+60%)
07.   flannel shirt (+50%)
08.   radar detector (+50%)
09.   flowers (+40%)
10.   heart rate monitor (+40%)

*Breakout defines a search term that has experienced a change in growth greater than 5000 percent.