TV channel Bravo (classified as a show by fanpagelist) moves to the top of this week's Foursquare charts, knocking MTV off the top position. The TV channel gained over 5,000 Foursquare friends over the past seven days while MTV, the former chart leader, gained slightly over 3,000.

Bravo is an American cable television channel and mainly shows programs related to aspects of popular culture such as reality TV, celebrities and fashion. These shows include The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Millionaire Matchmaker and America's Next Top Model.

At the other end of the table, popular TV show Gossip Girl is fast gaining on the business and news publication The Wall Street Journal. As of 15:30 GMT on January 5, Gossip Girl is less than 100 friends behind the established publication, making the two brands the closest on the chart.

Location based check-in service Foursquare links with users' Facebook and Twitter accounts, allowing Foursquare users to see where their friends are and what they are doing. Users can also "check in" to areas to inform friends of their location and add new locations to Foursquare.

As of Wednesday, January 5, the ten biggest Foursquare brands in terms of "friends" according to* were: 

1. Bravo (TV show) 110,426 friends (+1)
2. MTV (TV Show) 108,872 friends   (-1)
3. History (TV Show) 98,148 friends (no change)
4. Zagat Survey (media) 95,768 friends (no change)
5. VH1 (media) 73,994 friends   (no change)
6. Bon Appétit Magazine (media) 64,454 friends (no change)
7. Bastard Jeans (retail) 61,896 friends (no change)
8. TLC (TV show) 59,769 friends (no change)
9. Wall Street Journal (news / business) 56,931 friends (no change)
10. Gossip Girl (TV show)  56,865 friends (no change)

* provides daily rankings of brand's Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare fans, friends and followers.