This week's top Foursquare brands: MTV, Bon Appetit and Gossip Girl

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TV shows took the top three spots in this week's Foursquare brand rankings, retailer 'Bastard Jeans' and magazine 'Bon Appetit' were also popular brands.

Location based check in service Foursquare links with users Facebook and twitter accounts allowing Foursquare users to see where their friends are and what they are doing, users can also 'check into' areas to inform friends of their location and add new locations to Foursquare.  

The sharing of 'inside information' by both brands and friends is one of the key features of Foursquare, as many brands offer special discounts to users that 'check in to' them or mention them frequently.

As of Thursday, December 23, the ten biggest Foursquare brands in terms of "friends" according to* were:

1.       MTV (TV Show) 103,401 friends
2.       Bravo (TV Show) 103,298 friends
3.       History (TV Show) 93,464 friends
4.       Zagart Survey (media) 92,778 friends
5.       VH1 (media) 70,724 friends
6.       Bon Appétit Magazine (media) 61,792 friends
7.       Bastard Jeans (retail) 61,432 friends
8.       TLC (TV show) 57,609 friends
9.       Wall Street Journal (news/business) 54,335 friends
10.   Gossip Girl (TV Show) 53,777 friends

 * provides daily rankings of brand's Facebook, twitter and Foursquare fans, friends and followers.