Despite countless fly-on-the-wall documentaries exposing the debauched behaviour of visiting British clubbers, Ibiza has never been more in demand. Love it or hate it, you can't ignore its 10 years of popularity.

"I went to Ibiza for the first time two years ago," says 21-year-old Ian from Kentish Town. He has now got himself a job in an Ibiza bar and flies out next week. He hopes to earn enough money to be able to stay there until September. "All the hype about Ibiza is true," he says. "The clubs are incredible and I've never seen so many women."

Ibiza's constant media exposure serves only to strengthen the island's aura: parents believe it's a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, making it all the more attractive to party animals.

"The whole Island is geared towards larging it up," says 19-year-old Kelly. "London clubs are a bit stale, but everyone's so alive in Ibiza because you don't have to go home at the end of the night and worry about parents, college or work for a week or two."

Most people will already have booked up, but, with around 10 airlines flying to Ibiza, it's still possible to get excellent package deals from around pounds 140. If you wish to go during the peak months of July and August, you'll have to add another pounds 100, so it's worth shopping around as many agencies offer specialist deals that include discounted tickets and guides (Kiss FM offer an excellent package deal in September from pounds 249 for one week and pounds 299 for two, which includes flights, transfers, accommodation and free entry into the top clubs. Telephone: 0171-607 9100 for further information).

Ibiza is large in every sense of the word. There are many excellent bars and smaller venues, but not visiting Ibiza's famous clubs is like a trip to Egypt without The Pyramids. The best clubs are very expensive (an essential Spanish phrase is Cunto cuesta? = how much?), so you have to plan which "big events" you'll visit if you're on a smaller budget. The bars here don't get going until around 11pm, so it's possible to meet friends and grab some munchies before heading off - just do a little research before you part with your loot.

Manumission @ Ku (Saturdays) A kaleidoscope of debauched revelry, the world's most infamous club. The top DJs all play here, but Manumission is noted for the live sex show (led by promoters Mike and Claire).

But with hundreds of wide-eyed lads desperately trying to expand their knowledge of the female anatomy, the dancefloor loses it's edge. If you want to see the place really kick then visit KU when Pushca make their first Ibiza appearance at Privilege (Fridays, 19 June-11 Sept).

Ministry Of Sound @ Pacha (Fridays, 3 July-11 Sept) Fun-loving cosmopolitan clubbers turn up in droves for this one. This is worth noting, as most places play bangin' house while MoS sticks with its winning US-styled formula. The clientele is just as stylish as this peach of a venue and the atmosphere is live. Situated next to the beach, you'll feel like you're in clubbing heaven. Deep Dish (3 July), Strictly Rhythm (14 Aug) and Hard Times (28 Aug) are just some of the more noteworthy collaborations.

Monneypenny's @ El Divino (Tuesdays, 30 June-15 Sept) Tuesdays will never be the same again after a visit to this place. Jim "Shaft" Ryan, John Kelly, Judge Jules, Rampling and Allister Whitehead all feature on the decks - but what a crowd. This is not for the narrow-minded, faint-hearted or thin-walleted.

The tunes this year have a distinct US vibe with Lord G (25 Aug) and David Morales (18 Aug) featuring. When you wake up on the beach the next morning, you'll have some great flashbacks to look forward to.

Renaissance @ Pacha (Wednesdays, 24 June-12 August) Possibly the best mid-week gig out there. If you like your surroundings sumptuous, then consider the fact that these northern promoters made glam fashionable. Frankie Knuckles (24 June) kicks things off, with Lord G (22 July) and Fathers of Sound (12 Aug) joining the party.

Cream @ Amnesia (Thursdays and Saturdays, 2 July-10 Sept) Traditionally Cream has pretty much ruled the roost on Ibiza. They've upped their output to include Thursdays this year, with Sasha (6, 13 Aug) headlining while Darren Emerson (29 Aug) and resident Steve Lawler (1 Aug) feature on Saturdays.