These square, graded, Seventies-style frames are the ones everyone's talking about. In fact, they're so popular, you'll be lucky to bag yourself a pair at all. Good to look at, they will also look after your eyes, and the neat little diamante heart will put the twinkle back in them.

To buy: Aviators, pounds 127, Chloe Lunettes by Marcolin (stockists: 01635 529997)


Named in honour of Seventies Nordic love-god, Leif Garratt, these sleek shades are the hot favourites at Kirk Originals. Not only do they come in shimmery beige, but also in jet, aubergine, tortoise-shell and silver - whatever matches with your outfit. And, there's no worries about originality - each frame is a limited edition.

To buy: Leif frame, pounds 150, Kirk Originals, 36 Earlham Street, London WC2 (0171-240 5055) and from Harvey Nichols


If you're out and about this weekend but you don't want to risk losing your best specs - or your eyesight - take a trip down to the nearest high street before you set off. Cheap and cheerful is the name of the day and you could do a lot worse than these classic sunglasses, currently Accessorize's most popular design.

To buy: classic sunglasses, pounds 9.99, Accessorize (stockists: 0171-313 3000)

Rhiannon Batten