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Heat of the Sun (8pm ITV) "Kenya is your last chance, Tyburn; put one foot wrong and I'll run you out of Africa". Trevor Eve is this Tyburn, a maverick (and, it has to be said, rather pious) 1930s policeman, posted to colonial East Africa after he delivers some instant justice to a child molester down in Limehouse. It's costume sleuthing with the Happy Valley set, then (you can tell the baddies - they're the ones with drinks in their hands), and the first case involves Lord Elsemere's wife, Lady Daphne, who's "gorn missing" after a gin-fuelled night down at the club. White mischief, or did the lion do it? (And why is a supposedly shot-dead lioness patently still breathing?) Goggle-eyed beauty Susannah Harker plays a glamorous aviatrix and Eve's love interest for the next three weeks, while Zimbabwe stands in for Kenya.

Shinjuku Boys (9pm BBC2) Lonely Japanese lesbians in denial can go down to the racy Shinjuku district of Tokyo and hire an onnabe - a female cross-dressing as a man (most look like backing musicians for Showaddywaddy). This is an escort service with one fixed destination - the neon-filled Club Marilyn, where sex is not an issue - although some clients push more than just karaoke and conversation.

The film

The Dream Team (11.15pm BBC1) In what sounds like a One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest retread - but self-consciously isn't - four lovable crazies on an excursion from their mental asylum come detached from their doctor and find themselves at large in the unstructured loony bin that is New York. Michael Keaton is the only one with a violent streak, and he elect-rifies an otherwise likeable but rather senti-mental comedy. He is ably supported by Peter Boyle, Christopher Lloyd and Stephen Furst.