A round-up of the most watched videos in the category Lifestyle & Home on how-to video-sharing website Videojug.

This week's charts are composed of one new entry, one re-entry and several changes of position.

The lifestyle video "How to Unblock a Toilet" climbs five places into fifth position on this week's charts. The video recommends that DIY plumbers wear gloves and cover the floor area with newspaper before beginning work.
This week's re-entry, "How to Make a Ball of Flowers With an Oasis," provides step by step flower arranging tips using on an oasis - a ball of foam used by florists. The demonstrator works with carnations but advises that any flower in full bloom can be used.

The new entry this week "What to Wear to a Hot Spot: Men" offers fashion advice to any men thinking about going to a popular bar or club. Galina Liss, an apparent nightlife expert, answers a series of questions about men's clothing etiquette and advises what the best outfits are for different night spots.

Other popular videos topics this week included innovative DIY guidance in "How to Install Invisible Shelves," dining etiquette in "How to Use Chopsticks" and social advice in "How to Talk to People: Better Commincation Skills."

With "+/-" indicating a change in position, the most watched videos on Videojug* on Friday, January 7, recorded at 10:00 am GMT, are:

01.   How To Knit A Scarf (total views: 270,198) no change
02.   How To Fold A T-Shirt in 2 Seconds - Explained (total views 1,155,948) +1
03.   How To Make A Cup Float In Mid Air (total views: 372,892) +1
04.   What To Do If You Catch Your Parents Having Sex (total views: 210,068) -2
05.   How To Unblock A Toilet (total views: 413,674) +5
06.   How To Install Invisible Shelves (total views: 532,986) -1
07.   What To Wear To A Hot Spot: Men (total views: 84,311) new entry
08.   How To Talk To People: Better Communication Skills (total views: 166,467) +1
09.   How To Use Chopsticks (total views:210,071) -2
10.   How To Make A Ball Of Flowers With An Oasis (total views: 138,916) re-entry

*Videojug ( www.videojug.com) is an online video-sharing community with a focus on instructional videos in a number of disciplines.